Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Ola penderos

here comes the quarterly update y'all have been waiting for....Seriously, my life has just become a nightmare and haven't got time to do anything.  Last update ended up on a Beamer trip to Andaloucia and rejuvenation of my french Harley for a planed tour of Provence in the summer.

Meanwhile on the Texas front, and after my harmstring injury got cured, I carried on riding a combination of off-road and on-road tour.   Took my KTM to Rio Bravo, where I elaborated an interesting Cross-country tour suiting my riding style.
All going well till, a bloody steel rod sticking out of nowhere came and damage my radiator.

While waiting for a replacement, I hooked up with Bill whom I had met in Vietnam one year ago and had now relocated from Australia to Houston, and along with my partner in Crime in Houston, Jean-Louis, we took few rides in the hills countries of Texas, or along the Galveston coast.

Now, it was time to head to France for well deserved vacation and a small tour of Provence and a long awaited stop in Ginaservis where the famous film "les 4 saisons d'espigoule" was shot.
And since then, apart from one enduro weekend riding at Brunes Mills with the Trail Riders of Houston, not much to talk about.

I will be heading back to the US, shortly, and have planed to spend at least one day at the Lone Star Rally in Galveston.

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Ola hijo

it's been a while since I last posted, consequence of a crazy life and lack of time.  
I reckon I can last just few more years before I burst.   But what can we do, all  have to struggle to make it? 

So, what has actually happen since last time?   Well not much because except that had a off road incident in Brune Mills Texas that resulted in 2 months of not doing f.all...

As I was about to cross an fairly easy obstacle, my leg got stuck under tree root while bike kept going leaving my growing and right leg stranded behind.   Am laughing now but it was so painful that I drove straight to the ER.    
So, not much activity to speak for.  Although, worth to mention that I spend 4 days in France, to work on my bike and get her ready for this summer ride.   I shorten the handle bar and had to redo all the wiring

Then I changed the footpeg, removed the side plate and installed a Custom made Texas Style plate on the rear fender, and changed the headlight and rear lights. 

Finally I chaged the rear suspension and the front break caliper.

Here is how it looks and sound

Next job is to change front spring to Progressive spring to have better front control and if finance allow, go to PM rear caliper.  

 I did manage to fly back to the US for one week and used that opportunity to go the F1 motoGP and attend the Handbuilt.   I like the Handbuild better this year then I did last year.    Here are my 3 favorite pics for this year.   

I also attended the MotoGP at Circuit Of The America.   As usual, it was Marquez but contrary to previous year he lost the front wheel.   Got me exited to see Rossi win but he lost lead in the last lap.  

 But one of the best thing that happen over the weekend was the discovery of a HD salvage yard, next to the circuit.   A paradise of a thing....

They got spares for everything.... I could have spent the whole day there just going through boxes...But had to have a good Texas Style Pull Pork Sandwich instead.  Will come back
I took a quick ride with the miss to La Grange to keep the chopper alive.

 And headed back to Europe.   When I got to England, I realized I had to fly to Gibraltar the following week for work.   And as luck would have it, it was the same time for the Spanish MotoGP in Jerez which happen to be 1,5hrs away from Gibraltar.  

So, here it go again, rented a F800 from Malaga Airport, headed to Gibraltar and then to Jerez

One last thing.   Do you remember the Triumph Scrambler I built about one year back which was a hybrid between a Triumph Tr6 1964 and Yamaha MX 370.  

I had built the mock up but cause I moved more or less to UK, I sold it to a british guys.   Well, it tore my project apart and built this little beauty. 
That's all for this update lads

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Ola Pendero

Awright, awright, I got it.... stop your bitching....Am a busy man....

It's just been crazy last 6 months at work and in life in general.   Did not stop me from doing things but just could find the energy to write about it.  With Christmas coming, probably worth doing a last update before going into 2019...  I ended my last blog with the Biker Shed Show in London, commonly called the Mecca of Hipsters.  Strangely enough, I have since then met the owner of the Bike Shed in his establishment on Old Road in Shoreditch, and it turns out, he's a cool bloke, not one of those hipsters who will drop their bikes once they are out of fashion.... 

Few things have taken since then.  Firstly, I spend now most of my time on the island that invented Rock n Roll.  On this note, if you happen to be in East London, why don't you stop at Monty's Bar on Brick Lane.   Great place and great atmosphere....

So while I was back in the US from time to time, I took the opportunity, to ride my chopper with Jean-Louis to some dive bars around Texas,

And do a bit of Enduro with Gareth in some ranches on the hill countries.

Or attended few local biker event around Houston area.   One of them, I was invited by Reagan, at Sigma brewery for the launching of a new beer, 
with great outdoor activity : axes throwing
But when I was back at home, it's on a 1977 XT 500 that I spent my time.  I had bought this bike on local site for cheap.   It had been purchase brand new, rode 7000 miles and kept outside for the last 20 or so years.   The bike had been bought at an auction and kept in shed till he put it up for sales.   It had no tank and was pretty rusted.

first I took it apart,

The whole bike needed some proper sanding and repainting.   However the engine was in pretty good condition, having rode only 7000 miles.   I kept everything stock and only repainted the parts.

I was lucky enough to find a stock tank (although bit dented and rusted on the inside) and I had to redo the seat,

I had to change the lights and much of the consumables but everything went back where it belongs.  

and tata........

The bike started on the second kick

Then, after I finished with the XT, I decided to start the CT 70 I had laying around in my back yard.   If you remember I had bought 2 CT70 for peanuts 2 years ago.  Had fix one, and had kept the second one for later.  So, she was.

Within second, she was taken apart, and when I started to open up the engine, top end seems to be fine
but when I open up side cover, I realize the previous owner had f..... up more or less all the screw inside the engine.

Got so mad trying to remove those screws that I left the engine on my bench and went to drink few beers at St Arnold Brewery in Houston, where they had an "art car show"

Did not stay long enough in Houston to get back on the CT cause it was, once again, time to head back to Asia.   After couples weeks of work in Singapore I booked myself to Vietnam where I was supposed to meet Cuong, and 2 other blokes to ride around North Vietnam.  

This was f...... awesome, let me repeat: f.... awesome.   check out the video below to appreciate. 

I won't spend much time elaborating on the subject as I believe images speaks for themselves. 

On my way back to Europe, stopped at Check Point Charly and the Brandenburg gate in Berlin.  Always had in mind the image of the fall of the wall in 1989, and the Roger Water's concert that followed.   In those day, I had made a promise to myself to go there once.   it only took 20 years.......  

And since I was there, I decided to take a tour of the Motorcycle Museum of Eastern Germany....Here are some of the pics.

And since I spent Christmas back in France, took the opportunity to clean my workshop and put the French back in order.   At least one, cause the Dyna had some issues with the electric and ignition relays.....

And as usual, apply to TLC to the Vespa....

As a gift for Chritmas, here is a pic of yours truly with Mike from Green Day when we were young and beautiful

And to start 2019, just stopped at the Bike Shed in London cause they were presenting a Dakar bike as teaser for this year rally.   one day my friend, one day......